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Quay Hanna has been speaking to students, teachers, and businesses about the dangers of racism and bullying for over 17 years. A former self-proclaimed racist, Quay’s story of traveling the country in a greyhound bus to confront his own prejudiced beliefs has educated and inspired thousands over the last two decades.

Quay’s programs are extremely effective for organizations looking to be proactive towards student relations or for those organizations currently struggling with issues of racism, prejudice, and hatred. His proven track record shows that his participation in your school or organization will help put it on the path towards reconciliation.


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Quay HannaIn 1993, Quay set out on a mission. After graduating from Bloomsburg University (PA) with a B.A. in English, he left his small town of Strasburg, PA to see America. He hopped on a Greyhound bus and began traversing the country. Nine weeks, thirty-seven states, and twelve-thousand miles later, he got more than an incredible journey and hundreds of stories to tell. As he traveled he was forced to confront his own racist and prejudiced beliefs, making him realize that he had more to offer the world than his lifelong hatred of others. Upon his return to Strasburg he had a new objective: to reach out to his subculture- rural, white America – and to challenge racist beliefs as his were challenged on the trip.

In 1997 Quay published a book about his life-changing experience entitled, Bus America: Revelation of a Redneck and began telling his story to audiences around the country. More than a decade later, he is still entertaining and educating students on a daily basis. It is just a man in his t-shirt and blue jeans with a microphone. No multimedia. No magic tricks. No stand-up routine. Quay presents in a simple and honest way that has caused hundreds of thousands of students to take an introspective look at their lives.

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Quay Hanna

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