Quay has worked as a consultant in many different school districts in a variety of ways. Unlike most presenters, Quay is not just a speaker; he actually works with young people on a daily basis and has the ability to communicate with students, faculty, and administrators outside of the auditorium.

3 Types of Consulting

1-Day: Typically after doing a presentation, Quay spends the day meeting with students in the classroom, library, and most importantly, the lunchroom. Students of all cultures and subcultures open up and share their experiences and at the end of the day Quay provides a verbal summary of his visit and the concerns of the students.

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2-Day: Quay can also spend two days in the district doing a more comprehensive examination of student views and concerns. This type of consultation still includes an assembly, but it also includes an additional day for discussion with students. (For an added fee, this package can also include a written summary of the visit with suggestions for increasing tolerance among the student population.)

Monthly: The most comprehensive type of consultation includes monthly visits from Quay to interact with students; run small groups; discuss school tension with officials; individual mentoring for students; and advice to parents and community members.

There are many other consulting options and Quay is willing to work with you and your school district in any way you believe will be of benefit to the community.

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