Q: How do we get Quay into our school?

A: You can book Quay here or reach out via the contact page. Quay is usually booked about two months in advance, but arrangements can be made under special circumstances.

Q: What are Quay’s rates?

A: Quay doesn’t believe a school should have to spend an outrageous amount of taxpayer money to get a quality program into their district. Don’t be fooled by the high price tags of some national speakers, Quay delivers just as much, if not more, during his visits. For more info, fill out a booking request and we will be in touch.

Q: In what types of places does Quay usually speak?

A: Primarily in high schools and middle schools, but he also presents in colleges, elementary schools, alternative schools, churches, rotary clubs, conventions, conferences, and a lot of other places. He’s adept at addressing almost any crowd for any occasion, so chances are your organization is not outside his scope of expertise.

Q: What are Quay’s tips for a successful assembly?

A: He usually suggests having students sit in assigned seats, with teachers seated amongst the student body or standing along the wall from the front of the auditorium to the back. Problem groups of students should be identified before the assembly even starts. It helps if the bells can be turned off in the auditorium for the duration of the presentation.

Q: Does he offer discounts?

A: The best way to get a discount on his already reasonable rates is to coordinate with other schools in the area. This way the cost of getting to your area (and other expenses) is split among the numerous schools/organizations. The more school districts that are included, the cheaper it will be for each one.

Q: Do you have more testimonials about Quay?

A: Yes we do! Read more of what people are saying about Quay Hanna.


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