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More Testimonials | Quay Hanna

More Testimonials

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Ibiyinka Alao

I am writing to specially recommend Mr. Quay Hanna to you regarding the work he is doing for peace around the world. I have listened to him express his desire to bridge the gap between people of diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds, which is what is needed around the world today to foster peace. As an Ambassador for the Arts to the United Nations, I am pleased to see someone work in the area of conflict resolution and help open dialogue between enemies and friends. I hope that you consider his work as an important part of peace building and consider working with him on this.

- Ibiyinka Alao, Arts Ambassador to the United Nations

“I just wanted to tell you that your presentation was, without a doubt, the best Inservice presentation I’ve seen in the 15 yrs that I have worked there!”

- Krissy, School Counselor, Delaware County Technical School, PA

“Mr. Quay Hanna was invaluable to our school district. His unique insight into the factors that contribute to biased and prejudicial attitudes was a powerful asset in our efforts to combat racism. Quay was extremely responsive to the needs of our students; because of his efforts, we witnessed a positive change in our school culture.”

- Dr. John J. George, Former Warwick School District Superintendent, PA


“From the minute Quay starts his presentation until he is finished, he has the audience in the palm of his hand. His presentation is powerful, engaging, and humorous and relates extremely well to all age groups. We have had Quay speak in our building each of the last two school years and both times he has delivered a speech that comes from his heart and has a purpose. I would strongly recommend Quay Hanna to any school.”

- John Arty, Assistant Principal, Exeter Junior High School

“Your approach with the students and staff at Dover has been thought provoking, honest, caring, and direct allowing each person to reflect and truly develop their own understanding of others. I truly thank you for your time and commitment to the entire school district.”

- Robert Krantz, Superintendent, Dover School District

“I recently realized I was becoming somewhat of a racist myself, and that everyday people around me had started to label me as well. Honestly Quay, I never took the time to realize that until you came to my school and opened my eyes and made me realize that’s not the kind of person I wanna be and that’s not the kind of person I should be. I just really wanted to thank you so much for coming to my school and for opening my eyes and making me realize that the way I was living my life was not right. Thank you for changing my life and for changing the way I view other people’s lives too and getting my life back on track again. You’re the best, Quay! I can’t ever thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me and my school.”

- Haley, Dallastown Area HS Student, Dallastown, PA

“This is to again convey my personal appreciation for your participation as a guest speaker in the Cross Cultural Conflict in Our Communities course at Alvernia College. The impact of your direct and real life experiences provided a valuable learning opportunity for the graduate students in that class. Thank you for your time and valuable information. I am looking forward for other situations to make use of your valuable expertise.”

- William A. Burrell, professor, Alvernia College, Reading, PA

“Quay Hanna is a young man with a strong desire to help America find its spiritual balance. His own personal awakening has prompted him to share his story with others in hopes of infusing within them a similar desire to live outside the confining barriers of racist ideology. Quay cares enough to confront, a quality lacking in far too many so-called leaders.”

- Dr. Terrence Roberts, Ph.D. Member, Little Rock Nine

“Hey whats up, Mr Quay? My name is Ebony, and i am from Susquehanna Township High School. You spoke with us. I just wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed you coming in and talking to us. I see you as a friend more then a guest speaker. Thank you for that.”

- Ebony, Susquehanna Twp. HS, PA

“It was such an honor and privilege… truly. You are doing amazing things and the kids love you. Keep up the incredible work my friend… you are changing the world.”

- Kyra Phillips, CNN anchor and reporter


“Thank you for speaking to our students on Friday. The school was buzzing about your program all day.”

- Michele Rhody, School Counselor, Pottsville Area HS, PA

“Quay knows how to get into the minds of young adults and speaks to them on their terms. He is one of the most unique problem solvers I have met; he gets students to grow and learn as individuals even while they maintain their sense of ‘coolness’ on school grounds.”

- Deano Pape, Assistant Professor of Communications, Ripon College, WI

“Quay, young people need to hear what you have to say! You speak from experience and the kids connect with you. I sincerely hope that you will continue to have the strength and stamina to deliver your unique and timely message to as many young people as possible!”

- Pete McLeod, Award winning performer, President of McLeod Educational Service

“Quay’s approach is full of empathy and intelligence. He is patient and wise, taking the time to listen to people rather than react out of ideological reflex or zealousness. He is a natural and charismatic leader, and his programs are the best of their kind.”

- George Burdi, former internationally know white supremacist

“We highly recommend Quay as an assembly speaker after a school has experienced serious tensions. He is also an extremely effective small group worker with angry and alienated students.”

- Ann Van Dyke, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, PA

“Quay Hanna is more than just an inspiring and exciting speaker – he is a role model for audiences. Quay opens eyes and, more profoundly, opens hearts with his amazing message.”

- Dr. Jody Roy, communications professor, Ripon College, expert on hatred

“If I had met a guy like Quay when I was a teenager, I might have avoided all the trouble I got into later. Quay helps the kids that a lot of other people wouldn’t take the time to work with.”

- Frank Meeink, former skinhead, basis for the movie American History X

“I recently heard your speech about racism and your dynamic life. It was so amazing to hear the changes you went through. You really inspired me. All of the teachers were so impressed with you and I really hope you come back again next year. HANDS DOWN the absolute best assembly we’ve ever had.

- Ali, student, Pittsburgh, PA


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