This is Quay.

Over the past 17 years he's spoken with tens of thousands of students on the dangers of racism, bullying, and other forms of hatred.

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What Quay Does


Since 1997, Quay has done over 900 presentations to more than 500,000 students around the country. Speaking at school assemblies, conferences, diversity seminars, and other events, he's willing to address any audience with a specifically tailored presentation.


Quay works with young people on a daily basis and offers many different consulting options ranging from post-presentation meet ups to recurring monthly interactions with students.

Bus America

He thought he was boarding a Greyhound bus to escape small-town Strasburg, PA.  He had no idea the trip would challenge everything he thought he knew about life, people, and himself.  Bus America recounts Quay's transformative 9-week journey across America.

What People Are Saying

If I had met a guy like Quay when I was a teenager, I might have avoided all the trouble I got into later. Quay helps the kids that a lot of other people wouldn’t take the time to work with.


Quay Hanna is more than just an inspiring and exciting speaker – he is a role model for audiences. Quay opens eyes and, more profoundly, opens hearts with his amazing message.


Your speech on racism and the life changes you made really inspired me. Our teachers were so impressed with you, I really hope you come back again next year. HANDS DOWN the best assembly we’ve ever had.


Quay’s personal awakening has prompted him to share his story with others in hopes of infusing within them a similar desire to live outside the confining barriers of racist ideology. He cares enough to confront, a quality lacking in far too many so-called leaders.


It was truly an honor and a privilege to see Quay Hanna in action. He is doing amazing things and it’s clear the kids love him. It’s my hope that he keeps up the incredible work and continues to change the world with his story.


Quay’s desire to bridge the gap between people of diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds is needed around the world to foster peace. I am pleased to see his work in the area of conflict resolution, opening dialogue between enemies and friends.


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Quay speaks to student groups from middle school through college, as well as to teachers and other administrators.

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